Ch #1 A Cosmic Definition of Autism

What is autism, really? Autistic people are authentic people – thats it. That is the cosmic definition.

To be authentic is to be highly functional – thats it. Only when you become inauthentic do you become dysfunctional – or human – in the literal sense of the word. 

Autistic people are the same outside as inside. They have no masks and play no roles. They are the most honest people in the world. They are as natural as nature itself. 

This scares these dishonest humans who live in illusion and are afraid to look at reality. 

The complete opposite of the autistic one is the narcissist (the human prototype taken to the extreme). 

Autistic people have no hidden agendas. They only communicate and reflect what is truly inside – at all times and to everybody and in every situation. Scary. 

Humans have an acceptable place and a time and a situation for honest self expression – the autistic person does not. He is the same in every situation because nothing interests him as much as reality and ultimately… truth.  

Autistic people seek to constantly reflect reality as it is and in an honest fashion – thats it. They have no other interest when you communicate with them. 

They live in and enjoy reality because this is the only world they have ever known. They know no other world. They know no other alternative. 

Autistic people are truth-oriented in communication, whereas humans are ego-oriented in communication. This is the main difference in focus when they communicate. This is why conflict happens when humans and autistic ones communicate. 

Autistic people get their sense of beauty, meaning and purpose in the appreciaton of reality and truth. And they do not understand why this is not obvious for these humans to do as well. 

They have no need to play games, deceive or fool people in order to ”survive”. This is because survival is not an issue where they come from. They are used to a functional world – remember. 

They keep things real because they appreciate reality, honesty and ultimately… functionality – all three being interlinked and necessary for a holistically functioning world. 

The word Autistic comes from the root word Authentic. They even sound alike. They both start with A U T and end with I C – another clue.

Autistic people are seen by humans as crazy, because they are authentic people expressing authentic emotions.

Autistic people see no purpose in hiding their true emotions. Rather, they see the real value and importance in expressing their emotions fully and without reservation, so they can accurately reflect reality and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and confusion where not needed – so commonly normal in ”normal” human dysfunctional communication. 

What humans do not understand is that being authentic is the natural state of things in the universe. Planet Earth is actually the only exception to the rule.

Only on a lower evolved or highly dysfunctional planet, like planet Earth, is it seen as crazy to be authentic. It is actually normal – and a necessary or functional aspect of things – in other parts of the universe to be so. 

Planet earth is obviously not a natural place, nor is it in tune with the natural order of the rest of the universe, apparently.

This is why autistic people are misunderstood in a world and in a society, like planet Earth, where being fake or false (double faced) in the communication… is the exceptional norm. 

Always say one thing and mean / do another… and then wonder why your world is dysfunctional and functional cooperation impossible.  

Two well known key symptoms of autism are: 

1) expression of exagerrated states of emotion or self-expression unappropriate or unnecessary to the situation.

2) taking people literally on their words and getting angry or confused at humans tendencies to always say one thing and do / mean another when communicating (mixed messages). 

Both of these well known symptoms are actually regarded as highly functional traits in the rest of the universe. They both have a natural, universal, explanation and are not a sickness in a normally functional world.

In a normally functional world, you say what you mean and you mean what you say; you do what you say and say what you do. Simple. 

You naturally want to minimize unnecessary confusion when you communicate, in order to make the communication functional in the cooperation of mutual understanding and in the sharing of vital information. Genuine cooperation, truth and understanding is what motivates autistic communication whereas confusion seems to be a normal part in the way humans normally prefer to communicate, for some strange reason… 

There is actually no need for any unnecessary confusion or misunderstanding in the effectiveness of communication. This is why autistic people choose this way of communicating because… autistic people value how communication SHOULD BE rather than HOW IT IS / HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. Let me repeat: 

Autistic people see value in how things SHOULD BE in order to be functional, rather than trying to live up to how things ARE in their current dysfunctional state on Earth. 

This is the reason why they see it as an insult when humans try to change or devolve them from their already higher functional way of communicating. 

What humans normally see as a dysfunctional trait is actually the functional state, and vice versa. Everything is upside down on your planet. Now, let’s continue…

One of the symptoms of an autistic person is that when he gets angry, he will show it 100%. He will be involved in the emotion with every cell of his being. 

The same goes with happyness, excitement, appreciation and all other emotions in the emotional spectrum. The autistic person does not express things half-heartedly. He either goes full-on or not at all. 

To ”exaggerate” an emotional state – no matter what is being expressed –  means to be 100% involved in the emotion as a means of effective communication of a specific thought. It is also a way to be honest about reflecting what is really going on. 

To illustrate the point further, let us look at someone who has just won a million dollars on TV. How will they usually express their chock of happiness on stage? Will they manically jump and scream and shout like maniacs and shout yippiiiieeeeee in front of all people as they should? No. Even though it would be fully proportionate to the situation, they still would not fully and accurately express their happyness and chock to the situation. Why not? Vital emotional information will be lost this way. 

Because to accurately reflect the reality of the situation 100% is seen as socially inappropriate when you seek to also maintain a somewhat reasonable social facade in the process. So all we see and hear is: ”im so happy, thank you” (the end). 

The full spectrum of what is and should be expressed emotionally – to accurately reflect the whole truth of the situation – is barely seen and is reduced to only those 5 words. Those 5 words will never be able to accurately express the whole truth of the situation. Vital information will be lost. Perhaps only 5% of the whole emotional informational spectrum is publically visible whereas the rest of the 95% is expressed in private only or with your family alone where it is more appropriate to be expressed without repurcussions to social self image. 

As you can see, the ego or social image is the thing that stands in the way of humans ability to accurately communicate vital information when needed. It is the social self image that leads to unreality or the loss of vital information. You can only see reality once the social self image is not there. 

The autistic person would never show one appropriate thing in public and express a broader spectrum in private. He would express himself FULLY at ALL TIMES with no regards of appropriation or setting or timing. Because he cares about reflecting reality like a mirror. The mirror just reflects reality, thats all. 

This is possible only for an autistic person because autistic people have no social self image. So they are free to communicate who they really are and what they really feel, at all times, without fear of loosing their fake facade or fake social persona in the process. 

Let us use another example to illustrate our point further: 

A person at the dinner table puts the most tasty dish he has ever tasted in his mouth. And as the orgasmic taste is about to explode in his mouth in the most unexpected and shocking way, he passionately tries to express how good the food really is to the other people at the table. He think they really deserve to know the truth of how good the food really is. If something is good, people deserve to know. 

But the person knows that he is in a dilemma. He knows that if he were to truly express his love for the food exactly the way he wanted, he will risk being ostracized for being perceived as unappropriate. So the full truth that deserves to be said will be limited to: ”the food is very nice, thank you”. Those 7 words will sadly only express 7% of what he really feels for the food. Vital information is lost once again. 

What would an autistic person do in that situation? He would not hesitate for a second to go: OOOOOMFG THIS IS THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER TASTED. Why?….

Because he cares to much about accurately reflecting the full truth of any situation, regardless of how others react to the ”inappropriateness” of the situation. 

Truth always matters more than being appropriate for the autistic person. If there is a choice between the two, the latter always wins. 

The autistic person cares about being properly seen and understood, and properly reflected at all times and in all circumstances, so that no unneccesary conflicts based on unnecessary confusion or misunderstanding as a result of lost information happens to what is actually being communicated. Keep all necessary communication channels open at all times. 

This is because the autistic person communicates for the sake of the communication alone. His only aim is to be properly understood and reflected and to properly understand and reflect others. He has no unnecessary social self image that stands in his way. The social image or fake persona is a human construct that is the root of all interpersonal conflict. 

This should be a normal thing in a normal world. Communication should have no other purpose than to effectively create understanding between all the different parts involved in what is actually being communicated. They actually use communication the way it should be used and for its intended purpose. 

Human beings, however, do not socialize or communicate with emotions. They communicate with words, body language, gestures… everything – without seeing the necessity of using emotion as a necessary vehicle for accurate communication. Human beings are afraid of authentic emotions. Why? 

First of all, you need to understand that the intention of communication between autistic people and human beings is totally different.

The intention and purpose of human communication is: how can I say and do the things I need to do and say in order to gain a survival advantage in this situation, in terms of building up my social self image. It is completely ego-survival driven. You need the social self image to survive on planet Earth, because this is how human society and economics is structured. 

Human communication is focused on survival of the social self image persona as its main goal in mind. It is tainted with the ego-survival mechanism. It asks: what can I gain from this social interaction or situation in terms of my own short or long term survival? 

Human communication is concerned with saying and expressing only that which make you more likely to survive and is not so concerned with the communication necessarily being effective at all. The social self image is and should be the focus in communication – not the communication. 

Human communication revolves around the survival principle – not the communication principle. Human beings communicate for the sake of survival: it is hidden agenda driven. Human communication is not really concerned with effective communication… at all. 

Autistic people communicate for the sake of communication alone. This is why autistic people use strong emotions and see value in expressing themselves emotionally as well – because emotions are the strongest and most effective carriers of effective communication. Autistic people are authentic because they think it is important to be understood and to understand others. 

It is just common sense for them to understand things. Because they authentically and genuinely care about creating and maintaining an aura of understanding. How can the part care about the communication and functionality of the whole when it is always seeing everything as a threat to its own survival? 

The goal of autistic communication is communication – for the sake of communication.  They focus on the effectivity of the communication and have no other hidden agenda. They are concerned with being understood when they communicate.  Plain and simple. They are concerned with understanding in mind. You communicate a thought or an idea much more effectively when you use emotion as a vehicle of expression. 

When normal people (humans) communicate, they do not use emotions because human communication is not concerned with communication – it is concerned with survival. 

This is why autistic people are misunderstood in this world and this is also why autistic people are confused when humans constantly say one thing and do another (actions and words are not the same). 

Autistic people get angry and confused when human beings say one thing and do another. Autistic people mean what they say and say what they mean. And they take it seriously…

Human beings do not mean what they say – because they are not concerned with being understood (they are concerned with saying only the things that make them more able to socially survive). 

The autistic person is truth oriented in communication whereas the human is ego-oriented in communication. That difference in focus make the human and the autistic one a mismatch in the way they communicate. 

Survival always sees emotions as a threat because in the human world you always have to fake it to make it (to survive). You have to fake things to get along with others and to get ahead in society. The norm in the human communication model is based on the survival principle…

People who are acting on their own best interest in terms of ego-survival and social self image are called functional / sane on planet Earth. But this survival principle is the very antithesis of a functional civilization. The social self image (fake ego) is actually the thing that hinders true communication which in turn destroys the overall functionality of society. 

The autistic person comes from a place in the universe where survival is not as much of an issue and therefore he is used to living in a world where communication can be fully used for its intended purpose (without having to fake it or twist it to survive).

Communication is the key to a functioning world because without communication, there can be no understanding between the different parts of the whole. And without understanding, there can be no functioning structure (no civilization). 

If the various cells in your body did not communicate effectively between each other, you would either get cancer or die. The overall functionality and health and civilization of your body is dependent on your cells ability to communicate with each other when they need to communicate something important.

Communication = overall functioning of the whole. Autistic people are concerned with the overall functioning of the world around them because they are used to living in a functional world or system of worlds. 

Human beings are selfish creatures (selfish cells) who are only concerned with their own fake survival and do not care about the overall health and overall functioning of the rest of the system / world / structure that they are part of. No wonder the world is a dysfunctional mess on planet Earth when survival of that which is fake comes before the functionality of the things that truly matter.


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