Ch #2: Autistic people are antisocial problem solvers.

There is a retarded saying on your planet and among you humans which goes: “It does not matter WHAT you say, only HOW you say it. “ But to the autistic person, he knows that it is the complete opposite that is the actual truth of communication.

The autistic person cares only about the content (on the WHAT) of communication – not on the HOW of communication. He cares only about WHAT is being said and not on HOW it is said.

To humans it is the complete opposite. This is why autistic people are seen by humans as socially unengaged and aloof when communicating – as being antisocial.

The true purpose of communication to an autistic person is not to be socially engaged but to convey only the most vital piece of information relevant to solving the situation or problem at hand – nothing else. 

Small talk and being socially engaged is therefore completely unnecessary in the communication and in order to solve the problem at hand. It is seen as an annoying distraction from the problem at hand that needs serious priority of focus.

Autistic people are focused on solving the problem – thats it. They are problem solvers. Why? Because deep inside they know that planet Earth is an imperfect place (compared to where they come from) and that they will never be truly happy or be able to fully relax or engage in it until all the important problems in this imperfect and annoying and frustrating place have been solved and corrected first. In other words, you have to pay the bills first before you can party.

Autistic people are not willing to smile, enjoy and socially engage on this worthless and problematic planet because they see planet earth as nothing more than an obstacle and a series of problems that need to be solved and corrected first (not only for themselves but also for others) … before they can relax, party, fully engage and socialise like the rest. How can you smile knowing this world is so dysfunctional, frustrating and problematic? Are people blind , ignorant or uncaring? Or perhaps all of the above?

Autistic people are really caring people and they care about making the world functional again. This is why this place is nothing but an annoyance and a problem that need to be fixed before they are able to smile and be fully socially engaged again. Socialization is nothing but a distraction from the problems of the world that need fixing.

Humans beings enjoy and socialise themselves before the problems and obstacles to happiness have been solved and removed out of the way first. The autistic person takes the opposite approach because to him: ignorance is not bliss. Autistic people do not understand how humans can smile and be happy when there are so many annoying problems.

This is why the focus for autistic people is always on solving and adressing the situation at hand as effectively and quickly as possible with the least amount of misunderstanding or distraction.

They know that planet Earth needs to be fixed as soon as possible and that they have no time to waste before this problematic place is fixed and course corrected first. They see planet Earth and this dysfunctional place as a problem that needs to be fixed as quickly as possible before they are willing to relax, let go, engage and socialize like the rest. They have an important task on this planet and need to focus on solving the problems.

The focus for the autistic person is on being understood and getting the message and information across with least amount of effort or distractions related to the relevant task or situation or problem at hand. They are constantly problem-solution oriented only which makes it impossible for them to be social. 

They are brief and to the point – which to human beings often comes out as being overly blunt or to the point – even unempathic.

They are simply too solution oriented. They are too focused on solving the issue or situation at hand without unnecessary distractions beyond what is required to solve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible. They do not like to be distracted.

Autistic people simply do not like to waste unnecessary energy or time on things that are not directly related to the message or information or problem at hand such as unnecessary eye contact and social engagement beyond what is absolutely necessary to get the main point or message across as quickly and effeciently as possible.

The autistic person only says what is most necessary to get the point across and avoids all the other unnecessary faculties or details of – to a human – fully functional social interaction (such as unnecessary eye contact, bodily gestures beyond what is necessary etc). 

Human beings, however, are the opposite.

Human beings have a saying on their planet which goes against the natural order of the universe:

“it doesn’t matter WHAT you say but HOW you say it.” 

This saying is generally accepted as true for these worthless human beings and is the basis for all human interaction and rhetorics. This is what makes you social in a human world and it is also the retardation of communication that slows down the progress and evolution of this worthless planet.

Human beings respect and listen to you not so much based on WHAT you actually have to say but more importantly on HOW you say something. This is a retarded form of communication to the rest of the universe. 

If you say fuck you with a smile, you are respected, liked and admired by most humans – independent on the true content or overall intention of your message.

You could be spreading a message of hate but be seen as a respectable and loving person because you were calm, collected and / or  smiling while saying it. 

This form of communcation is retarded and deceptive in nature and why autistic people do not care about using it. Focus on what I say and not on how I say it, is the autistic motto. 

Why is the HOW more important than the WHAT for human beings in communication?

This is because human beings have been programmed since birth to only look at and focus on the outside expression of a communicated message so that they always miss the inside expression (true intentionality / information) of a communicated message.

Humans have been socially engineered this way by the educational system and by the powers that be on this planet so they can be more easily deceived and exploited by their rulers – who never ever say what they mean. They always say one thing and do another and humans fall for it all the time because of HOW they are saying it.

In rhetoric class you were all programmed and indoctrinated to completely ignore what is actually being said in favour of only focusing and giving attention to distractions and meaningless cues such as how you use eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures, body gestures to make the point across…focus on everything but the actual message and intention of the speaker. To the autistic person, this is all stupid…

To the autistic person, it is the WHAT that should be the focus of communication and not the HOW.

This is why autistic people communicate in a way that to humans seem cold, aloof, unengaged, indifferent, absent minded, uninvolved, distanced and / or even unempathic. They are focused only on trying to solve the problem and conveying the message – not to socially engage in the process. To the autistic person, you need to get to the point as quickly as possible and with as little unnecessary distractions as possible.

Because autistic people do not see it necessary to involve unnecessary body language, eye contact and gestures in the communication of a thought or an idea more than what is absolutely necessary to get the most important point or message across for that particular situation or problem. So they seem absent, cold, indifferent and aloof to most humans.

These other forms of communication are not seen as necessary for the autistic person but are rather seen as being for the most part an unnecessary distraction to what is actually being communicated and said. These detract you from the actual message.

It is only the words and the contents of the word (information) that is important and should be the main focus of attention in communication to the autistic person. The rest is an unnecessary vaste of time and energy and only serve to detract you from the actual message and its importance.

The narcissist (which is the complete opposite of the autistic and who is the human prototype in its most extreme form) takes advantage of this tendency in humans to always look at the HOW rather than on the WHAT of communication. This human tendency is a perfect breeding ground for the powerhungry narcissist, corrupt leader or politician to strive in society and win the trust and influence of human beings.

The narcissist (the extreme human) loves to take advantage of humans overall retarded tendency to only look at HOW something is being said rather than on WHAT is being said. This is how the narcissist deceives and gets its trust from other human beings. This is how the narcissist wins the trust and influence over the worthless human sheep. Donald Trump could be intentionally insulting or bullying the audience in a calm and sensible way and still be looked at as a caring human being – simply because he said it with a smile or without cursing or using profanity.

To a human being living in a human dysfunctional society, the norm of a functional communication is that the more unnecessary faculties and varieties of expression you use when communicating an idea (variety of body language, eye contact, gestures etc…) , the more social you are. But to the autistic person, these forms and varieties of expression are looked at as being unnecessary for the most part. So the autistic person is seen as dysfunctional in his one sided, monotone, to the point, way of communication.

The autistic person only expresses what is necessary for you to get the information or message of what is being conveyed – nothing else. 

The autistic person has no need for greater variety of expression beyond what is most necessary for you to get the message – he is not your typical small talker. 

But to a human, this is seen as a very cold, aloof and unempathic style of communication.

The autistic person focuses on the message and the information rather than on “being social” (retarded). Autistic people only speak when they have something important to say – it is concerned with information and not with being “social. “.


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