Ch #5 Why autistic people cannot take instructions or keep a job.

The reason autistic people cannot take and follow instructions as easily and blindly as others is because they have to understand why they do something before they do it.

Autistic people are not your typical human sheep who blindly follow without question. Let me explain… 

Autistic people have a completely different motivational factor than humans when it comes to “being productive” or “taking action”. This is why humans see them as lazy or having a learning disability… 

You see, human beings are motivated by actions alone – usually without greater thought behind them. Their main concern lies in being productive for the sake of being productive alone. Stupid, right? 

Autistic people, however, are motivated by the thoughts that precede the action. That is more important than the action itself. In other words, they really care about the quality of their actions. 

They have to see and understand the purpose (or thought) behind doing something – before they see intelectually see the purpose of doing it. If you cannot provide that for them, then why should they just blindly follow through with your instructions? To them, this is a form of slavery: to tell someone to blindly do something without knowing exactly why? What’s the point of that? The autistic person wants to be involved in the why of doing things, not only in the what of doing.

Also, how can it be fun or motivating to do something if you are not allowed to be fully involved in the why of doing something or seeing a clear and meaningful thought or purpose behind what you are doing?

If you cannot see the bigger picture, point, purpose or reason behind doing something, then why do something at all, human? 

You might be wasting your time doing something meaningless that doesn’t lead to any meaningful outcome in the long run. Or maybe there is a simpler or better way of doing the same thing? Have you ever considered that, human? That there might be more than one way of doing the same thing? 

This way of thinking is responsible for why autistic people are seen as lazy, procrastinating or unmotivated by the stupid worthless humans who are constantly running aimlessly and without any greater purpose behind their constant restless running to… nowhere. 

Human beings are probably the most productive people in the universe while at the same time achieving absolutely nothing of real worth in the end (just look at human history – I rest my case). War after war, revolution after revolution, job after job…and where are we today as a human civilization and progress? Have we arrived in a meaningful place? 

Human beings are experts at aimless productivity for the sake of productivity. They have either no life or no brain – but they do have strong hands capable of hard work. Human beings are very hard working beings, granted. 

The worthless human being prides himself in the quantity of his achievements, whereas the superior autistic person takes pride in the quality of his actions. 

This focus on quality rather than quantity shows yet again that the autistic person really cares about his actions, whereas the human simply doesnt care – as always. He just want to be perceived as being “hard working” for the sake of being seen as “hard working”. And he values others in the same simplistic way. 

This is why the autistic person never does something half-heartedly. Either you do it whole-heartedly or not at all. The autistic person actually cares too much about what he is doing, whereas the human does not care about his actions at all it seems – as is obvious by his way of approaching an action. 

This autistic productivity motivational model is how things ought and should be in the greater schemes of things in order for it to be considered universally functional. 

If an autistic person does not see a clear reason or a meaning or a purpose to why something needs to be done in that exact way as instructed – and why it cant be done in a different or a better or simpler way – then he will not find the motivation or the strength to do it. 

The autistic motto is: think before you do. 

The motto of the human being is the complete opposite: do before you think. All you need to do to see that is to simple look at history. 

Human history is a great example of how human beings have constantly taken meaningless actions while believing those actions to have a meaning and a purpose. Yet we are devolving – not evolving.


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