Ch #6 Do you live to work or do you work to live?

Autistic people are seen by human beings as lazy and unproductive. I mean, just look at their hygiene, their unwashed pile of dishes or their dirty apartment for a start. 

You see, autistic people, as opposed to these lowlife humans, have a very rich, meaningful and enjoyable life – and mind. They are constantly busy. 

Therefore, they don’t have time constantly obsessing over trivial nonsense like hygiene, deodorants, toenail clippings, doing the dishes 20 times per day,  vacuum cleaning every 2 days, taking showers twice a day, doing the laundry 3 times a week etc etc… 

These are things for the bored,  restless and soulless monkey humans – who don’t have a life – to do. It is a desperate attempt for humans to escape their own innate boredom and empty minds. It is nothing but existential escapism. 

Imagine someone having 100000000000 of unique interests, ideas, aha moments, eureka moments, spontaneous inspirational projects and things preoccupying their minds 24/7.

Their rich minds and lifes therefore make them constantly busy on their own terms. 

Their time, focus and energy is therefore VERY precious and can not as easily be wasted on mundane things that are not important to their constantly unique tasks at hand. 

Human beings, however, are mostly restless and bored with their meaningless trivial life. At least if you compare them to the inner richness of the autistic minds.  

So how do humans escape their innate restless boredom? Answer: 

They pride themselves with being ”productive”. By constantly preoccupying themselves with meaningless and pointless things – no matter what it is – they get the illusion that their life is somehow meaningful. This is what humans take pride in: productivity for productivites sake. 

Never ever enjoy yourself, is the human motto. Always keep yourself busy and stressed – lest ye be seen by others as lazy or unproductive. And do it at the expense of those who just want to relax and enjoy the meaningful things in life for a change: music, nature, beauty, harmony, silence, art, reading, writing, creating, sex, good food…

Human beings are constantly busy for no reason, have you noticed? My neighbour, for example, usually wakes up at 6am to disturb my sleep. He will start vacuum cleaning, washing the dishes, cutting the grass etc etc… very early in the morning. 

And why is it necessary to cut the grass 4 times a week? And why does it have to be so early? Do they even enjoy sleep? Let the beautiful grass grow a little bit for fucks sake. 

There is absolutely no point in cutting the grass more than once a month – more than that is completely pointless. So why do they do it? Why this obsession with grass or vacuum cleaning? 

It is because they are bored, they are restless, they don’t have a life. So they have to disturb those of us who do have a life and who do value our time and energy doing something valuable. 

And they call the rest of us lazy for enjoying life and taking productive action only when absolutely necessary.  

There is nothing lazy with not wasting your time doing pointless things just so you can pride yourself with being productive. 

Let go of your obsession with ego, social self image and pride – being seen as a productive citizen – and start living your life, human. Don’t you have something better to do than to tell me im lazy?


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