Ch #7 How to motivate the “lazy” Autist

“Better productively lazy than meaninglessly productive” – Autistic saying

Why is the autistic person so lazy? You see, the autistic person is motivated by the quality of work, not the quantity of work. What does that mean? It means that he actually CARES about the work that he is doing – compared to humans – or he is not doing it AT ALL.

The regular, non-autistic, person is QUANTITY oriented in his approach to productivity whereas the autistic person is QUALITY oriented. What does that mean? It means you either give ALL or NOTHING to whatever you do, or it ain’t worth doing it AT ALL – there is no middle ground for the autist. The human being, however, is ok with doing things half-heartedly because he doesn’t care about his work as much. Hence she is easier to motivate to work.

The autistic one can not do anything half-heartedly and without giving his all into it;  since he finds no motivation, meaning and purpose in that. This is his problem…

He is not motivated to do things just to finish them as quickly, selfishly, mechanically and mindlessly as possible and that’s it… but he wants to also enjoy the journey and give passion, mindfulness, thoughtfulness and meaning into whatever he is doing along the journey, or he will not see any purpose or meaning of why he should do it. Because, as I said earlier, he truly cares about his work performance and wants to do it good. He does not like to do things just to do them selfishly, mechanically and absent mindedly like these dysfunctional humans and their society. He does not like his overall work performance and care for his job task to remain unseen either. 

The autistic person, actually, has the highest degree of work-ethics of all people  because of this – despite his lazyness. Because he really cares about his performance and task at work. And he has the highest potential to perform well, given a fair chance to show for it and someone who sees him for his great work-ethics and does not treat him like a performance robot. 

If you want to motivate an autistic person to do something, you have to first provide them with a framework that allows for passion and mindful thoughtfulness to exist alongside the othervise mechanical work task. He does not function mechanically like your typical “productive” human robot, who is only productive for productivitys sake, so he can make money while performing very poorly. The autistic one needs to be intellectually and emotionally engaged with his work task – not 100% mechanical and absent from it. Give him an intellectual and purposeful reason to do it, and he will do it. Do not ask him to mechanically and absently do something. Do not tell him: JUST DO IT. For he will ask: WHY DO IT? Or: WHY NOT DO IT THIS WAY INSTEAD OF THAT WAY? Remember: the autistic person is defined as being highly functional, so it follows that he would want to do everything as functionally as possible – even work. 

The autistic person must see reason and meaning in what he is doing, or he ain’t gonna find any reason or motivation or passion to do it. He will see it as a stupid waste of time (which is a fairly true assessment of human dysfunctional society as a whole) and see no reason to do it. 

Society is incompatible with the autistic work model:

Human beings (and their dysfunctional society) is money oriented ONLY in work. Work is quantified in terms of money and profit, not qualified. Autistic people are the only ones who are actually work-oriented when they work. They actually care about the quality they put in to their work. They are not good mechanical workers who only work for money. 

Why do something at all if you are only going to do it selfishly, carelessly, mechanically and without any meaning and purpose in the moment. You are just a careless productive robot then; a worthless comodity; someone who only works and contributes to society in a careless and selfish and money making manner. All at the cost of societal functioning. 

Human beings are only fixated at the destination when they work. They don’t care about doing a good job or bringing quality, passion and thoughtfulness into what they are doing. They are very mechanical when they work, have you noticed? This is because human beings selfishly lack passion or care for doing a good job. They are very selfish and work only for money – not to make society better for everyone by performing well. 

The autistic one enjoys the journey with passion – or why embark on the journey in the first place? This is why autistic people are unmotivated to work, because human dysfunctional society is not built on the quality principle, it is built on the quantity principle alone. Society wants stressful mindless productive robots, while autistic people are mindful individuals who only perform well when they are allowed to put their own thought into it. 

The car analogy: 

The autistic person is like a slow car moving forward slowly in a meaningful manner, while the non-autistic person is like a very fast car (with wheels spinning 1000000000rpm), but the car is standing completely still – it is not moving forward in any meaningful way. And the autistic person sees that most humans are this car. They are productive for productivitys sake alone, without getting anywhere. They are the car with wheels spinning vety fast but they car is not moving forward. 

Nike has the human motto: JUST DO IT. Don’t care about the result, just do what you have to do like a robot. 

The autistic motto is the complete opposite: THINK BEFORE YOU DO. It is the thought that preceedes the action that gives the action its productive quality. It is about mindful fruitful action rather than mindless fruitless action. Humans are the most productive beings in the universe, while at the same time being the ones who achieve the least in terms of meaningful results. 

The autistic person may be lazy, but he at least achieves some meaningful results. The non-autistic human, on the other hand, prides himself in mindless productivity for productivitys sake alone, stressing himself out for no reason, so he can feel productive…and achieves NOTHING. He rushes through life like a mad hamster on a wheel, and stands completely still. 


When the autistic person sees your human foolishness, he will choose productive lazyness over meaningless productivity.


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