Ch 0: Towards the true definition of autism

Hi. I am an alien soul in a human body. You call us autistic because you do not know who we are. We come from another world – a functional world.

I am used to living in a functional world.
Why am I dysfunctional in your world? Because I am actually a highly functional (alien) soul, trying to understand and navigate myself in your dysfunctional (human) world. That’s it…

It is no measure of health to conform to a profoundly sick society. – Krishnamurti

A functional person who is used to living in a functional place in the universe, and who does not know how to navigate himself in a dysfunctional world like planet Earth, is what you humans call Autism – that’s it. This is the only true definition of autism. This is where the mystery ends…

We do not fit in. Why should we? We are not used to living in your lower evolved world. We come from a higher evolved place in the universe. You must adapt and learn from us, not the other way around.

We are highly functional people forced to adapt to your dysfunctional planet – thats it. There is no greater mystery to it – never was.

A highly functional person (autistic soul) living in a highly dysfunctional world (human world) becomes the dysfunctional person in that world. This is how the label Autism came to be on your planet…

My hope with this book is to end the misunderstanding that gave rise to the label autism – for good.

Autism is not a sickness; it never was, never has, and never will be. It is just a symptom of being highly functional in a highly dysfunctional world. Thats it…

This is the only and truest defintion of autism there is, and the reason this book was created. Now that this has finally been established, let us continue…

You see, I was sent to this prison planet (planet Earth) against my will, to be a worthless human, having to live in a dysfunctional human world.

I am not human, even though I live in a human body in a human world. We are actually aliens in human forms.

The human world is a dysfunctional world compared to where we come from. The human world (Earth) appears as a worthless planet to all the higher lifeforms in the universe. And many of us born here feel this deep in our souls; we know we don’t belong here.

Although these worthless humans confess to live in a civilized world, we – the higher evolved lifeforms – know that planet Earth is as far away from a civilized world as you can come.

How do we know that? Because we have lived in a real civilized place and know how a true civilized world functions.

And we can with certainty say that planet Earth It is NOT a civilized planet at all, from the perspective of an alien, despite what these worthless humans claim. This is the true purpose of this book to prove and to explain.

Planet earth is a worthless planet – a uncivilized place – in the universe compared to all the other planets in the universe and beyond. We who have spent time there – the autistic souls – know this.

This is why souls who come from those other highly functional places find planet earth to be highly dysfunctional and are therefore unable to function and blend in on this planet when they are born here against their own will.

Society labels these highly dysfunctional people sick, mentally ill and/or dysfuntional – when it is in fact society and civilization on your planet that is dysfunctional and sick. We are just reacting to this sickness while you humans think we are the sickness.

Higher evolved souls do not know how to navigate themselves in a world that is dysfunctional – especially not when they are used to live in and have evolved in a highly functional place elsewhere in the universe. This is why they do not belong here.

It is like putting a modern day citizen in a time machine and force him to re-adapt to the stone age. That wouldn’t work nor would it be practical. And even if it worked, the person would have to loose all his higher qualities of himself that he evolved to get in the modern world from where he came. It is therefore the stone age people that need to learn from the person coming from the future to visit them and not the other way around.

The purpose of this book is to explain exactly why and how planet Earth is an uncivilized and dysfunctional world compared to all the other places in the universe. And to show you why souls who come from these other places will not be able to adapt or function in this sick world. A functional soul who is used to live in a functional world will never be able to fit in and blend in with a dysfunctional world. It is therefore the humans who need to learn and adapt to the autistic person and not the other way around. Respect your older souls.

The purpose of this book is to explain autism from an alien / cosmic perspective and to give a deeper explanation on the real cause of autistic behavior to shatter the limited medical paradigm on the understanding of Autism. Autism is not a disease – human society is. Let me prove it…

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