Ch#9. Why do autistic people always come into conflict with other people?

The reason autistic people always come into conflict with other humans is because autistic people are REAL – humans are FAKE. Whenever a real entity encounters a fake one, conflict is bound to happen.

This shouldn’t be a mystery – it should be common sense. But yet, these stupid inferior humans have made a disorder out of something that should make common sense.

Human souls think there is something wrong with the autistic person because he always comes into conflict with other people and society. Never does it occur to these stupid inferior humans that there is something fundamentally wrong with them and that it is not the autistic person that is the problem that needs fixing.

Human souls and Autistic souls have a different priority of focus when it comes to communication and social interaction. This difference in focus is what causes the conflict. So what is this difference in focus? This is what this chapter will discuss…

Humans are selfish. They are not interested in truth. They are not interested in the “BIGGER PICTURE”. They are not interested in solving THE PROBLEM. They are not interested in finding THE SOLUTION. Truth is not their main priority in communication / social interaction. Simply because they do not think that there is any problem. Humans are intellectually settled with what is and what they know and they simply live life. To them, there is no problem to be solved. Autistic people, however, constantly see problems and solutions, whereas humans are content living in an intellectually lazy bubble their entire life.

Humans are not focused on intellectual arguments – they are focused on making a living. This narrow and selfish focus is what humans call a social functional life, but to the autistic one this is dysfunctional. You cannot separate the social from the intellectual. This is why society is fukked. This is why everything has stagnated. This is why nothing evolves.

Autistic people see this intellectual lazyness / settleness of humans as being dysfunctional and retarded. This retardedness angers the autistic person to no end. This is why conflict happens because:

Human souls are focused on LIVING LIFE – Autistic people are focused on SOLVING LIFE (to make it better).

This difference in priority of focus in social communication and interaction is what causes the social conflict. Autistic people seek intellectual stimulation with others, whereas humans seek social stimulation alone. So the autistic person chooses to be antisocial because he does not like to drink beer and watch football with intellectually lazy monkeys who think that ignorance is bliss.

Remember when I said before that humans are not focused on intellectual arguments – they are interested in living life. They are already intellectually satisfied / settled in life. This causes a conflict as the autistic person sees social value in intellectual stimulation alone, whereas humans see the intellect as an enemy to a functional social life. The autistic person views this approach as selfish and dysfunctional and it angers the autistic person to no end in social interactions.

Humans are not social because they are interested in intellectual arguments – they are social because they want to live life. But this live and let live attitude causes conflict with the autistic person who has a constant problem-solution orientation to life. Humans live as if ignorance is bliss and this angers the autistic person to no end and this is the root of social conflict with autistic people.

Life is a problem to be solved, not a problem to be lived – autistic saying

Stop thinking so much and just live life – human saying


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