Ch #3 Understanding Autistic Antisocial hypersensitivity to Unpredictable Sensory Stimuli

Autistic people are constantly focused on seeing and solving problems and creating understanding and awareness around them where there is none. This is their task on planet earth – or rather a biproduct of having previously lived in a functional world and having to cope and interact with this obviously frustrating dysfunctional world on a day to day basis. Unless, of course, they decide to take suicide.

Imagine constantly seeing and being aware of 100000000000 obvious problems and dysfunctionalities all at once (all the time) that need your attention, while at the same time seeing all these worthless mindless willless soulless human monkeys running around being aware of 0 and living as if ignorance is bliss and constantly distracting the autistic person from his task at hand – only further perpetuating the problems of this world by distracting, slowing down and putting obstacles in the way of the autistic person (the true caring problem solver).

Human beings themselves therefore become nothing but an annoyance and a distraction to the autistic person by their mere presence.

Not only do these ignorant annoying humans constantly distract the autistic person away from the problems he tries to solve for the betterment of his own life and the world, but they also force the autistic person to be socially engaged and active all the time against his will when he needs to be fully focused on solving an important task at hand. Which just serves to slow down or distract the autistic person even more from what is important.

Because of this, autistic people are constantly in a state of frustration and disgust over human beings and their uncaring ignorance to the obvious dysfunctionality of themselves and their world. To the autistic person, therefore, human beings are nothing but annoying obstacles and distractions in their way: like irritating rats running around aimlessly and disturbing his focus and peace of mind.

Imagine having 1000000000 of ideas, projects, eureka moments, aha moments and inspirational world revolutionary thoughts going on in your head per second. How can you ever relax, knowing that most of these ideas will vanish into nothing before you ever get the chance to actualize them in time?

Now you know how it is to be autistic. Autistic people are constantly busy trying to actualize original world revolutionary thoughts and ideas. While the rest of these humans waste their time socializing and distracting themselves with small talk, drinking beer and watching football. Who has time doing that when you are busy changing and revolutionizing the world with your ideas?

Imagine the stress and worry of knowing that most of these 1000000000 thoughts and ideas will be lost before you ever get the chance of fulfilling them or following them through to become the genius you are meant to be. And then noone will ever get to know about or see the true genius you know that you are.

While at the same time you have these ignorant aimless humans around you nagging you day in and and day out that you need to go out and be social, wash yourself, clean yourself, use deodorants, clean your room and whatnot.

To the autistic person, material and hygienic needs are nothing but a distraction from the task at hand. These are things for soulless human monkeys to do – the autistic person is busy changing the world and has no time for such trivia. Hence they are labelled dysfunctional because of their lack of hygien. Just look at the hair of Einsten or Max Planck and you will get the picture.

In an autistic mind like this, it is much easier to be distracted by everything that goes around you – especially human beings who constantly mirror the very ignorance you are trying to solve with these mindless drones.

The treasure box analogy. 

Imagine there are 2 treasure boxes. One is empty and the other is filled with gold. Which treasure box will be most frustrated if it is not found or opened by most humans? The empty one or the full one? Which one will be most frustrated to not be found? The answer is ofcourse the full one.

Because it knows what humans will miss out on so much if they do not open it and find the treasures that lies within – not only for the betterment of themselves but also for the betterment of the lives of the autistic people who will also benefit from their increased wealth (which here represents understanding and awareness of what the autistic person brings to the table). You need to open the autistic treasure box and the planet will be a better and more functional place for all.

This all takes us to the big question of the symptom of autistic oversensitivity to sensory stimuli or sudden and unexpected change in environment.

Do you agree that when you are under constant stress and worry of not being able to achieve or fulfill your inner genius of having 100000000 thoughts and ideas per second – that will probably vanish before you get to actualize them in time – that you will scan for things that have the potential to distract you and threaten your inner focus much more attentively and aggressively than other people who dont have this stress and worry?

This explains why any sudden change in your sensory environment outside of your emediate control will be much more unwelcomed than if you were just an empty treasure box knowing you have nothing of real value to contribute to the world. An empty treasure box is not threatened by a waste of time or energy or sudden unwelcomed sensory distractions. An empty treasure box can not be distracted and therefore has no need to be oversensitive to irritating and distracting stimuli such as excessive loud noise and whatnot.

The oversensitivity of the autistic person to loud noise etc.. is not a brain defect but a way of focus based on a conscious need to avoid distraction. It is a trait of his own genius trying to fulfill itself before it is too late…not a sickness or a neurological defect.

The car analogy

Imagine you are almost running late to work knowing that you will get fired if you dont get there in time. Will not the overwhelming unpredictable change in traffic patterns be perceived as more threatening to you compared to if you were just aimlessly driving around town for the sake of mere entertainment? It is the attitude to the unpredictable traffic situation that creates its overall neurological impact on the driver and not their dysfunctional brain in and of itself.

Conclusion: The autistic person is consciously avoiding being distracted by unpredictable unwanted stimuli in his surrounding more than other people, because they know they have an important task to fulfill and need to be focused much more intensely than other people who are empty aimless treasure boxes. The autistic person therefore scans much more intensely his environment for potential threats to his inner focus and concentration related to the task at hand. You cannot tolerate jumping monkeys and aimlessly running rats when you are busy focusing on changing or revolutionizing the world with your inner genius. A genius needs calm and quiet to fulfill his ideas.


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